The Guinayangan's Gabaldon Building

The Gabaldon building was named after former Senator Isauro Gabaldon of Nueva Ecija. He was elected in the Philippine Assembly in 1916.
As assemblyman, Gabaldon is best remember for authoring the law providing for educational services to far flung areas in the country. Popularly known as the Gabaldon Act, it authorized the appropriation of one million pesos – a large amount at the time, for the construction of schoolhouses in every municipality, especially in the barrios.

People of Guinayangan, deserve great credit for preserving this historic “Gabaldon” schoolhouse. The school and its meticulously maintained grounds reflect pride in the community and also the importance the community gives to educating its young people. Gabaldon schools were built throughout the Philippines during the commonwealth era. Many Gabaldon schools around the country have been neglected and have fallen into disrepair.

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    # by Ryan Lopez - July 16, 2011 at 4:44 PM

    Kudos to Guinayanganins especially to teachers for preserving this impressively beautiful building..where I also spent most of my elementary days laughing,playing and learning tons of things

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