Those Magnificent Fishermen of Manlayo ( The Pioneer Fishermen)

Hello mga ka-tropang manlayuhin, eto uli ang inyong lingkod na si lola basyang jr.  Let’s open our liwayway ng  Manlayo para mag-kwentuhan uli tayo.  this is the continuation of my story about those magnificent  fishermen of manlayo.

A year after these pioneer fishermen from Labac, Naic Cavite migrated to Manlayo (named after the formed portmanteau—Manalo plus malayo, using the first 3 letters from Manalo and add to the last 4 letters from malayo thus become “manlayo”) these happy go lucky Cavitenos started celebrating their barrio fiesta marking their first anniversary of their migration to our beloved Manlayo.  The festivity is almost 2 days celebration, for so much extravagant preparation. 

The decoration of boats is so much fun as i remember—of course, that consists of eating all kinds of goodies, halos nabawasan na ang handa sa kain at inom (mga guys eh toma-toma na), habang nagde-dekorasyon ng mga bangka na gamit nila sa pangingisda.  They have to use their own fishing boats to bring them good luck in fishing at night like the palakayas, largaretes, basnig  (tres palos later came), galadgad trolley and sibid (this is my favorite because it’s small and easy to operate either by motor or sagwan).  These flamboyant fishing boats are ready to roll the next day for the “fluvial parade or korakol” out in the sea with the Saint Nuestra Senora de la Paz aboard the chosen boat. 

Each year the chairman of the korakol assigns boat to use as the carrier for the saint to the fluvial parade.  This is surrounded by other boats beautifully decorated too and people are dancing to the music of the band the barrio barangay hired for the whole day.  Since then they celebrate Manlayo every 31st of august.  I think they change the date for the fiesta now.  This festivity is to commemorate their success in fishing and thankful to our patron, saint Nuestra Senora de la Paz in giving wealth from the ocean.  We called this korakol the pride and joy of the manlayonians  (now the next generation calls it Manlayuhin).  This is like the Independence Day in America July 4th big celebration. 

This dancing on the boats and parading around the saint aboard the special boat is the most joyous — pasa todo ang sayaw hanggang tumabi ng aplaya.   Then we do the street dancing going to the town church that time because we didn’t have the chapel yet in Manlayo. 

The Cavitenos are known for maluho sa pistahan—maraming handaan at inuman.  Ito ang pinaka-memorable sa akin.  as far as i remember, pinakamasayang celebration namin ito….sky is the limit sa katuwaan.  Some people were passing out while dancing due to heat and exhaustion.   Somehow these magnificent fishermen of Manlayo will break their piggy banks just to have all kinds of foods and drinks.  
After the street dancing — smorgasbord time….all you can eat…. then the most eventful is the beauty contest and dancing all night.  i was always one of the kids that time watching (till i drop dead), the good dancers  do their exhibition in ballroom dancing.  Those were the product of the Manalo clan, from Itang Marcos children, Itang Nesto, Itang Andong, my space here will not be enough to name them all. 

With honor and pride here are the Manlayonians who excel in dancing—my apology  if i forget to mention the others—from Itang marcos family…Tiya Dioning, Bella, Mering, Anita, marte and luna (baang), and hermie (R.I.P.) .  Then from the family of Itang Andong—Rodolfo (R.I.P.),Carmelita, Anelia, Justiano, Ben, Conching and I don’t remember seeing the others danced.  Itang Nesto….Nene, Indang and Ibot.  Inang Alegring Family—Norberto, Noli, and others… those were the dancers from the clan of the pioneer fishermen.  

Hangang sa susunod na kabanata, si Lola Basyang  Jr ay duling na sa antok.  Goodnite….see you again in my next episode.  Thank you so much for reading my short nobela dito sa liwayway ng manlayo.

narrated by: Ms. Rosie Carter

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(with permission by the author) 


Ang bayan ng Guinayangan may karatig baryo
Isang komunidad ang dito'y nabuo
Mga mangingisda silang napadako
Galing sa kanluran, nagkanlong na dito.
Mula pang Cavite na malayong bayan
Tinurang Manlayo ang bagong tahanan
Nagpunla ng tyaga, dagat ay nilinang
Mga mangingisdang sipag ang puhunan.
Tawag sa kanila'y mga Manlayuhin
Ngunit tunay silang mga Guinyanganin
Katangiang taglay mabibigyang pansin
Masinop, maliksi, buo ang damdamin.
Likas sa kanila ang maging masikap
Ang sariwang hangin dala ay pagunlad
May kapanatagang katulad ng dagat
Unos ma'y dumating, hindi natitinag.
Bagong Manlayuhing dito na isinilang
Kalaro ay bangka, laruan ay sagwan
Hardeng nilakiha'y pinong buhanginan
Magandang pangarap dito hinihimay.
May kaugalian dati sa Manlayo
Bukas-palad sila sa lahat ng tao
Bahagi ng huli ay "mabobosing" mo
Kahit ano ka pa o kahit na sino.
Sa umpisa'y sibid, naging palakaya 
Galadgad, Tres Palo, may Troll pa ang iba
Sagana sa huli, dagat ay maganda
Walang nagugutom sa bawat pamilya.
Ang Manlayo ngayon, ito ba'y ganun pa rin?
May laman-dagat pa? meron pang buhangin?
Ang nasasanghap ba'y sariwa pang hangin?
Pagibig sa dagat nasa puso pa rin?
Sana nama'y walang gaanong nagbago
At kung may ilan ma'y mabigyang remedyo
Lumipad na sibol ay muling dadako
Lilingon sa dagat at yayakap dito.

(tulang alay sa mga Manlayuhin)

Young Guinayangan 2

The Road Taken

When we were young we’re quite restless
The days were slow time seemed to rest
Our goals and dreams-they are all endless
We set explore, to learn, to reach

Then years went by time flew so fast
Just found ourselves in different paths
We dared the world then we looked back
Wondering how we reached our spot

We have explored and did wonders
We multiplied accomplished things
Some found riches, some – earned a little
But weigh them all, we’re all the same

Life is a road that one designed
We wished it’s smooth but rough it turned
And as we trod its ups and downs
Sometimes we made some ugly turns

Now we’ve reached the Golden Age
We pause and turn then ask our selves
“Have I done right? Did I succeed?”
“Do I now hold the prize I dreamt?”

Then we just smile and realize
It’s not the goal that we set right
It’s not the dream that marked our start
But the ‘journey’ that makes up life

Along the road we hear birds’ song
We see flowers in their full bloom
Then bad weather may come along
Not just some rains but even storms

The tests of times spoil our lives
Almost stop us from our tasks
Some of us bend others surpass
The hardly win against all odds

The different roads we have taken
They gave us strength of character
We learned to hope to cope with pain
To stand victorious at the end

With grateful hearts and joyful smiles
GA Alumni stands us one
We all proclaim that we have won
The world and life with such honor

A Place of Dreams

by: Marianita Roldan Ilao

Along the shore of Ragay Gulf at the southern tip of Quezon
There is a quiet strip of land, serene, so rich and beautiful
Started as small fishing village, became an old town to recall
From land and sea it has produced with abundance for its people

When good nature showered its gifts, the town got most of its blessings
It has become a paradise, rich in sunshine and fresh clean air
Its sandy beach and soft sea breeze, the hills with their spring water
The singing waves from friendly sea is music to everyone’s ears

With good values and friendliness, people strive to live at peace
They are honest and God fearing: they love to be educated
Some of them worked hard on their farm, others desired to go places
Their paradise inspired them all to brave the world and be counted.

It is place where most of us started to weave our simple dreams
It offered us many choices would you see places or would you stay?
Those who preferred to stay behind, had all their time to nestle in
Fulfilled the dreams they had designed and passed them on to their children

To those who left and saw places, they brought their dreams but left their heart
Pursued their fate and traveled on, and may have been to different lands
But memories of old hometown are still fresh footprints in the sand
The treasures found in their journeys, carried back home in their backpacks

And now after the long travel, they have but one and only dream
To stay for good in Guinayangan, their hometown missed for many years
Deep in their hearts there is a call form paradise where they had been
Where the sea winds will sing once more the old song echoed from the hills

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